Regardless of any life stage or situation, art can be a positive outlet for anyone facing challenges in expressing their feelings. KOVARTS envisions art to be accessible to everyone, so you don’t have to be an artist to create art. Channel emotions into creativity at our Sunshine workshops, where we bring out the joy of art making and sensorial experience in an inclusive space for all.


Not only does art help improve motor skills and concentration, having the ability to express oneself creatively builds self-esteem. Participants will get to exercise on social skills and become more aware about their own senses.

Art Programme 1
Duration: 1 session x 2 hours

Title: FLOWER POWER (Finger Painting)
Not only is finger painting a great stress-reliever, it is emotionally uplifting to ‘grow’ colourful flowers with your own hands. A good way to train fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Medium: Acrylic paint
Technique: Finger painting
Deliverables: 40 x 30 cm canvas

Art Programme 2
Period: Jan – Mar 2023
Duration: 12 sessions x 2 hours

A series of fun-filled, sensory-friendly activity that allows participants to enjoy different tactile experiences from combination of various art mediums and methods.

Week 1: Abstract canvas art with acrylic & cellophane
Week 2: Stained-glass inspired landscape art with glue & chalk
Week 3: Rainbow pull string art with acrylic paint
Week 4: Fireworks scratched art with oil pastels & acrylic paint
Week 5 & 6: Pinch bowl clay sculpting & painting
Week 7: Abstract canvas art with acrylic pouring
Week 8: Stained-glass inspired floral art with oil pastel & tape
Week 9: Butterfly pull chain art with acrylic paint
Week 10: Sunset collage art with coloured paper stock
Week 11 & 12: Trinket dish clay sculpting & painting

Medium: Mixed medium including chalk, oil pastel, acrylic paint and clay etc
Technique: Drawing, painting, cutting & sculpting
Deliverables: 10 art pieces