Created by award-winning teachers from California USA, Zoo-phonics is a unique and playful curriculum that enhances the development of language skills. It is taught kinesthetically and mnemonically, involving the child’s whole body – eyes, mouth, ears, touch, mind and body using:

  • an exciting cast of endearing Animal Letters (providing a fun and concrete approach to learning)
  • hand signals and body movements (developing muscle memory and automaticity)
  • stories and songs (stimulating imaginations)
  • art and craft (encouraging creative ideas and expression)
  • creative play and games (promoting interaction and social-emotional development)
  • enriching alphabet activities that integrate cross curriculum (opening up a whole world of discovery to young children)

The joy that Zoo-phonics brings into the classroom through the Animals and fun play activities makes it easy for children to learn the basics of reading, spelling and writing. This integrated whole-brain approach of language learning is highly effective in cultivating a broad range of skills leading to language proficiency for the young pre-schooler.

Our lessons are conducted amidst a “Zoo-ey” backdrop and setting, creating a perfect environment for a child’s language immersion programme. As we stimulate the child’s interest in learning through multi-sensorial play, hands-on activities, stories, arts, music and rhymes, he/she will also gain knowledge across the curriculum about mathematics, drama, art, music and movement, science and social studies and more. We offer the following language arts programmes for ages 2 to 8 years:

  • Zoo-toddlers & Zoo-kids (Phonics play with creative arts, early speech development)
  • Inny Inchworm, Young Joey, Wise Owl (Phonemic awareness, articulation & reading)
  • Story Adventures & Writers workshop (Expressive/creative writing, composition)
  • Theatre Play & Speech Arts Programme (Acting, Speech & drama)
  • Speech Presentation Coaching (Dramatic arts and performance skills)

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