Developed with the aim of providing a better and more meaningful art learning journey for your child, ARTmazing is the new art programme that exposes your child to drawing media, designed to allow greater creative expression. With a teaching emphasis on technique and creativity, your child will learn to express his experiences in a colourful and creative manner.

Artmazing offers an exciting new pedagogic environment where students can achieve the highest possible artistic and intellectual standards as individuals. Crestar has adopted the inter-disciplinary approach by infusing other subject areas into the art lessons. Students are exposed to a wide variety of mediums during lessons.

The average class size is 6 – 8 students for ages 4 onwards. This allows the teacher to have sufficient time and attention for every child.

Topics/ Skills

  • Drawing (Basic lines, tracing of shapes, simple drawing to cross contour drawing, perspectives)
  • Colouring (Basic colours, oil pastels, colour pencils, Oil pastels, colour pencils with simple tonal value)
  • Painting (Watercolours, poster paint , tonal value)
  • Craft (2D/3D handicraft that involves folding, tearing, pasting, exploration of various textures)
  • Basic colour (Colour wheels, colour study , colour blending techniques)
  • Printmaking (Monoprints, woodcuts)
  • Art History (Art movements & famous artists, pop & batik art, Aboriginal & abstract art)

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